byte.ME is a play on words and if you get it, then we think we can get along really well.

I started byte.ME Pte Ltd officially in 2015 after returning home from Qatar finishing my 5-year stint (yes, that long) with Qatar Airways Head Office. No I wasn't a cabin crew as many people have asked. I worked 5 years in the Digital Marketing & E-Sales Department. It was an experience I will never forget. Prior to that, I had worked in a digital marketing agency heading accounts with luxury hotels such as Raffles Hotel and Swissotel.

Would you believe it if I told you that before that I was a geeky computer programmer and network administrator? Well, that's where my technical skills came from. 

Today, together with a team of great minds (and great friends) we've started a new chapter with byte.ME Pte. Ltd. So if you're looking to build or establish your online presence, contact us and let's have coffee. 

Juliana Iskandar

Chief Strategist